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Originally from a country with a long and intense coffee culture, the two founders Mr. Maurizio Ragazzini and Mr. Maurizio Solaroli had discovered their passion for coffee long time ago.
After 15 years of managing business in China, the founders lively experienced what could be the future needs of the Chinese coffee market.
Claiming that coffee should be something to enjoy, they created the solution to experience a perfect Italian espresso in the comfort of your home, office or any of your favorite relaxing spots. With this unique vision on bringing the excellent joy of an Italian espresso to China, Mio Espresso was launched.


Finding the excellent combination of the best selected beans, brought together in the finest blends, served within an exquisite service:
With Mio Espresso you will experience the perfect Italian espresso, anywhere you like.


To be the first one to earn the appreciation and loyalty of our customers, by bringing them the pleasant experience of having Mio Espresso as their premium partner to enjoy the coffee break.